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Movsum Samedov  again can be sent to Gobustan prison , lawyer

Movsum Samedov again can be sent to Gobustan prison , lawyer

2017 March 28 ( Tuesday )  17:02:08
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Baku / 28.03.17 / Turan: Preparation of the return of the leader of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan (IPA) Movsum Samedov to the Gobustan prison.  The activists of the IPA including Samedov were arrested in January 2011 and  accused of terrorism, attempted seizure of power, and other crimes. On October 7, 2011, the Baku Serious Crimes Court found them guilty on all charges. Samedov  was imprisoned to 12 years. In the fall of 2014 he was toughened by conditions of detention and sent to Gobustan prison for two years.  On November 28, 2016 he was returned to the jail N12, where he was held earlier and the next day he was immediately put in a punishment cell for 15 days. According to the  lawyer Imanov, on March 6 Samedov was again imprisoned for a period of five days. The administration of the  jail motivated Samedov's punishment by committing namaz in a dormitory (barracks) for convicts. On March 18, Samedov was put in the penalty cell for another 3 days.

In the evening of March 20, an elderly prisoner was beaten in a nearby penal cell. Samedov knocked and urged the guards not to commit violence at least on holidays. But this made the guards even more angry. On March 21, he was taken to the head of the  jail N12, who decided to  place Samedov in solitary confinement for a period of 2 months, continued the lawyer.

According to him, Samedov has been imprisoned for 6 years and three months. Of these, only for 2,5 years  he had  of access to open air. All the rest of the time he was in closed conditions. As a result of all this and frequent imprisonments in the punishment cell, his heart and kidneys became aggravated.

Imanov on March 27 visited a reception from the head of the colony number 12 Rauf Mammadov and asked about the reasons for the bad attitude to his client.

"Rauf  Mammadov did not even deny that they are preparing  Samedov's return to Gobustan prison. He explained the reasons for this by saying that "Movsum Samedov does not like the Azerbaijani state, and therefore his punishment is legal." Moreover, Rauf Mammadov , was  accused me as a lawyer of "dislike of the Motherland", said Imanov.

He said that he will apply to local and international human rights organizations, as well as the Red Cross, so that they raise their attention to Samedov’s judge.  The department of public relations of the Penitentiary Service said that they did not comment on the statements of lawyers.

But convicts must comply with the internal regulations, otherwise punitive measures are taken against them. If they do not agree, they can file a complaint with the Penitentiary Service and the Ministry of Justice. -06D--


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